Hi! I'm Jessi. This is my space where I talk about all things preemie.

You see, I had my son, Jack, at 23 weeks.

You heard me right. 23 weeks, 2 days to be exact. He's what they call a "micropreemie".

I'm currently a PhD student studying American politics, but in my free time I find it therapeutic to write about Jack's birth and everything that has changed in our lives since then. Most days you will find me at home in the woods of Montana with Jack (aka Jackpants, JackP, Jackman, SuperJack, Bubs), reading a million books about politics and dabbling in blogging, photography, and trying to run the world.

The road of parenting a micropreemie is never easy, but it is oh so worth it. If you have a preemie or want to learn more about prematurity, I'd like to welcome you to stick around awhile. Jack is pretty much the most special boy and I want the world to know!

Oh and I'm not on this journey alone. I am married to the most wonderful guy, Jon. He is an attorney by trade, who aspires to be a chef when he grows up. This means he cooks me lots of yummy food. He also likes to write.

I blog from the heart about the day to day happenings, the normal and the unique, the growth and accomplishments of our micro-preemie son - in whom we find so much joy and inspiration.

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