Wednesday, March 8, 2017

What A Gift

Recently, on a normal Saturday morning, dressed in our normal clothes (well, I did change out of yoga pants) we had our family photos taken. As a former professional photographer, I recommend this approach. We woke up at our normal times, I got in my normal 5 cups of coffee, we were at home not rushing around, and Jack was his relaxed Superman-missing tooth self.

Part of the reason we were so chill is that our friend, Skye, was taking our photos. She is hilarious and kind. I tell ya, give me a witty kind girl and we will be friends fast. Skye had asked us to be part of her amazing Birchtree Project which she describes as her "personal endeavor to showcase what is important each and every day... connection, kindness, gratitude, grace, joy... "

Count us in!

Here is the photo that she included in her project. As part of the project, she asked Jon and I to write the caption that would be included in the FB post, which quickly turned into an exercise of me bawling about how much I love our family.

"Our little family. I like that it’s just us three. I didn’t spend much time thinking about what my family would look like growing up. I knew I wanted to get married and maybe have children, but I was too concerned with the things I’d do and the adventures I’d go on to really dream about a family. But then I fell in love with this guy who lights up the room and had a baby who from his first miracle breath, filled me with such joy and purpose, and I knew – this little family is enough. More than enough, really. We spend a lot of time together. One, because of Jack’s disabilities and the care he requires, and two, because we are each other’s favorite people. Because of Jack, we will continue to be together, this family of three, for as long as we are each on this earth. It’s not an exaggeration to say that we are in it for the long haul and it is the privilege of my life."

"I feel like we have the essential ingredient for a close family – familiarity. We all understand each other and our needs more than anyone else in the world. What I’ve learned about my own needs after getting married and having our son is that I not only have what I need, but what I’ve always wanted."

We were honored to be part of this project. Skye also rocked our socks off with more photos of our family, which I want to share with you. Thanks so much for these... what a gift.

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Anonymous said...

These are such great photos! What a family. What a gift.

-Lindsay B.

Jessi said...

Thanks friend <3

Renae Winkler said...

My favorite is the same as the photographer's. I also like the one with Jack in the foreground and you and Jon in the background. They are all very good.

Jessi said...

Thanks Renae! We will cherish them.

Beverly said...

Beautiful! I love Jack's smile.

Krystal Morrison said...

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