Thursday, December 22, 2016

That Darn Hip: End of an Era (hopefully!)

Today we drove back from Missoula after Jack's recovery from the final surgery on his hip. Surgery was Tuesday morning. Maybe you've followed along on the whole Darn Hip saga, but this was a minor surgery where plates and screws were removed using the same incision from last year's doozy of a total hip (where we had a subsequent 6 horrible, stinky weeks in a body cast). Although "minor" never seems the accurate description with any surgery, anesthesia, and pain, we put it into the "Jack perspective." Comparatively, not a big one. And we are so happy this whole hip drama is over. Of all of Jack's health issues, I never thought much about the hip. Boy was the rug pulled out from under us! This has definitely been a hard year for him and my prayer is that 2017 is one filled with health. I know many of our readers are in the same boat - we just want health. Our baseline may be different from the average, but healthy for us means managing conditions, pain, growth, and no major flair ups, emergency surgeries, or general scariness. May HEALTH be in our future, yes and amen.

We had an early morning slot for Jack's surgery and still managed to spend quite a bit of time waiting for things to get going. Is there some sort of group with sway out there that wants to hear a mom complain about waiting rooms? Oh there isn't? Well, too bad! Here goes: why have us arrive at 7:30am and sit in the outer, tiny waiting room for 30 minutes? Then why have us come to the next waiting area for an additional hour when it's only in the last 5 minutes that they ask questions, have us sign the paperwork, take vitals, administer the Versed, and get the ball rolling. Is this to torment us? Is this to make sure we have adequate time to show up? I'm sure there are great reasons, but SERIOUSLY WHY????????????????????

Anyway, cute boy. Cute husband. Nervously counting the minutes until surgery.

Once they finally wheeled him off to surgery, it was less than a half an hour and done. Oh what sweet relief when we were able to head back and see a happy/agitated/confused/giggly boy. This kid has been under anesthesia too many times to count, and he does pretty well. I thought he would crash as soon as we got back to my parent's house, but he was too excited to be at Grams and Cheeks house, so No Nap Jack, who was loopy and thought he could just walk around, was the rest of our day. He did so well, though. And look what they took out of his hip! Can you imagine how good it will feel to not have that hardware in his teeny tiny body?

The next morning he woke up very sore, with all the numbing meds totally worn off. Thank God for narcotics and fun things to do like watch the same Elmo 6 times. Besides keeping Jack entertained, we also spent most of the day on my annual puzzle-around-Christmas and had lots of fun celebrating the holiday with my parents. We had a yummy Christmas dinner and presents afterward. It's just second nature to schedule most life/holiday events around Jack's surgeries and since we were in Missoula, why not do Christmas?!

I'll leave you with the photo we used on our Christmas/We've Moved card. I wish I could send one to each of our readers. Many of you have become friends. I don't write as much as I used to, but I just can't seem to let this place go. You have been such an encouragement to us, especially through 2016. And even with the rough effects of cerebral palsy (I'm looking at you, hip), we count our blessings of being able to move into this new home built for Jack's needs. So I want to wish Merry Christmas to all of you. And yes, to a healthy New Year.

All our love,

The Bennions

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Elaine said...

Merry Christmas to your family! Jess I don't know if you remember me but as I said before Jack was our inspiration when my granddaughter Reagan was born at 23 weeks. She is in kindergarten now and doing well (all things considered) I am happy Jack's surgery went well and I thank you for sharing your journey with all of us.

Jessi said...

Elaine, what a sweet comment. I do remember you! Thanks for reading and being so encouraging!

Beverly said...

WOW! Cannot believe how much Jack has grown. I check in regularly but don't always post a comment. So glad the 'darn hip' thing is done. I want you to know I pray for Jack and I sure hope and will pray that you all have a healthy, happy and just plain wonder new year. Thanks so much for sharing Jack with all of us. Give that cute boy a hug for me, please.