Thursday, September 1, 2016

There are some things you can only dream of...

When you're counting the days, weeks, and months while your child is in the NICU, there are certain things you dream about. Sometimes it physically hurts to even dare think about. For me, sending Jack to school was right up there. I love school. And I've always wanted my child to love it, too. 

The reality of being born so very early, is that there is no guarantee to make it. There were some days were I was certain he wouldn't. Wouldn't get up one crisp morning, put on his backpack, and head to school. 

But then it happened. Preschool. And seeing that this kid can be in the world. Out of isolation. (Barely) Strong lungs, breathing in that school air. 

3 yrs old 

To experience the joy that finally! he gets to be around other children. He gets to learn his ABCs and 123s just like any other kid.

4 yrs old 

Growing taller. Getting stronger. More independent. Not as afraid. Loving life. Loving school.

5 yrs old

Then kindergarten. This was the year where I was acutely aware that all those dreams in the NICU? Well, they came true.

6 yrs old

And this week. Our big first grader. In a mainstream classroom. Doing such a great job. So proud of him.

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Jackie Belin said...

Oh, how did I miss this!? Incredible! 1st grade! Love!

Allison said...

Have a great year Jack!

Beverly said...

Woohoooooo!!!! Go Jack! I'm a little late but so excited for Jack. Hope all is going well.

Mathew Stephen said...

What you said is so true, there is more things to explore about dreams but I'm not sure what are dreams that comes in the minds of people while living in this world.

Alicia | Fresh Baby Gear said...

Well done, Jack! Hope he has a great time and learns more new things at school

Olivia Sanders said...

We miss you Jessi, Jon and Jack! I hope everything is okay with the three of you xx

Jandyersn said...

Thanks for sharing

Arefa said...

Mom and Son, Both are looks awesome

Victoria said...

I like you post! Great pictures. Thanks for sharing