Monday, August 22, 2016

Jack's One Level - Home

We are home. We have been in our house for a month now and I thought I'd better write about it before the rest of the year takes off from me.

Last fall, Jon was killing some time and took a left on a road he'd never been down before. He glanced over and saw this perfect little spot for sale. It's funny actually, because we had our eye on a different plot of land for years and the owners kept telling us it would be put up for sale. We waited. And waited. Then Jon takes a drive and calls me right away. He says to meet him after work to see this land. We could not believe it was available, one of the last in a sweet, tiny town south of Helena.

We took a walk along the creek behind the property and immediately fell in love. It was a minute from Jack's school. It was the perfect distance from Helena. All interstate and no frontage roads to contend with during our wicked winters. I remember shedding a few tears on this walk. It felt right.

And in the dead of winter, we signed on the dotted line and our new adventure began.

I documented most of the construction process (which was so much fun!!) on Instagram, but today, I want to take you on quick iPhone-snaps tour. Cause ya'll, it is DONE. We may not have a single thing on the walls and I may move our furniture around a hundred times, but we are moved in and loving every square inch of our new home.

I present... Jack's One Level!

This was right after the glorious sod was laid. Never underestimate the power of green grass, friends. Dirt flying and a white house don't mix! It's hard to tell from the photo, but that is a navy blue front door and shutters. And those are hanging plants from my parents that I have kept alive for 4 weeks!

The first room you see when you walk in the door is our dining room. We've already had friends and family over (yay!) and have had heart to hearts and numerous spills on this table and rug... because life! and we live here. It's so fun to realize this after dreaming about it for so long.

And then the heart of the home - the kitchen.

We spend most of our time around our green island.

One of our favorite things about the kitchen is the side-by-side gas ranges. We got the idea from chris loves julia. This saved us major $$ while giving us the look of a professional range. Jon made a batch of his famous pretzels for the neighbors last weekend and we got a taste of the time-saving that we'll have with two ovens!

And just a couple of my favorite little spots of the kitchen - the place for our cookbooks.

And our two open shelves, filled with such lovely housewarming gifts.

Here's the view from standing in the kitchen, looking into the living room. We have an open floorplan and wide spaces for Jack to get around.

We are shopping around for art for our walls. We have a lot of photography, but I need ideas for art to fill large walls. Send me ideas if you have any! We are slowly filling up our built-ins, too, and love that we finally have a place to display small photos and books.

We also have an office on the other side of the kitchen that has floor to ceiling built-in book shelves. For years we lived with our books in boxes or in make-shift bookcases here and there. A place for all the BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On that side of the house is the kitchen pantry, a laundry room, a guest bedroom and guest bath.

So far in our adventures of new construction ownership, we've had the delivery of a faulty washing machine that had to be replaced (here's my dad watching/listening/diagnosing the issue) and we also had the HAIL-POCALYPSE where our lawn was primed and ready for sod (this requires major delivery, placement, and smoothing of nutrient-rich dirt) when a hailstorm wiped out all the work in a matter of ten minutes and sent a mud river down the road.

Anyway, back to the house tour. Next to the living room is Jack's room!

This is a house built for him and his needs and there's nothing we like more than watching him enjoy his room.

And then the master bedroom, which Jack also thinks is his.

And that red barn view.

And finally, the master bath.

And my favorite spot most mornings, the back porch.

That's all the photos I have! I really can't believe we are here. Every step of this process smoothly fell into place. It is a dream come true and just in time for Jack to start 1st grade next week. We will walk along the creek, over the bridge and right to his school door.

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Cathy Burwell said...

Jessi - your home is just beautiful - you did great! It is just perfect for you guys! Wishing you many, many happy years in it! Thanks for sharing!

Shannon said...

WOW - just WOW! It is stunning! Someday, I'M going to come and have a heart-to heart over that green island while Jon cooks us amazing food! :)

Jessi said...

Thanks so much, Cathy <3

Jessi said...

YES!!!!! That would make me so happy.

Anonymous said...

I've got lots of thrift store art to fill those walls. I mean, Katie may have taken the "Portal to Narnia". But there's still "Red-Headed Step Child Jesus", "Llama Love", and all the paintings I see at the thrift store and force myself not to buy. - Cheech

Jessi said...

So many good, albeit creepy, options!

Meg Kearney said...

What a Beautiful home for such a deserving family. My favorites are your kitchen and dining room and the fact that you guys can walk to school everyday. Wishing your family all the best in your new space. This upcoming holiday season is sure to be very very special.

Jessi said...

Thanks so much, Meg! Such a nice comment... Can't wait till the holidays!!

Olivia Sanders said...

What a perfect house for you three! I'm so happy that you have found such happiness there. The house is beautiful, I love the shelves in the kitchen!

Beverly said...

How wonderful! It filled my heart with joy to see the pictures and read your comments. I could feel the joy in your words. And a big whoopee for Jack who could not look happier!

Adiba Alam said...

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Olivia Devries said...

Hi! I'm new here! Thanks for sharing about your precious family and beautiful home!....on a much more shallow note, what is the color you went with in your master bedroom? It is beautiful!