Monday, February 1, 2016

Jackpants Returns!

We are so excited to announce two new adventures of Jackpants books!

Last year, Jon wrote and illustrated a children's book called "The Adventures of Jackpants!" to introduce Jack to his classmates as he started kindergarten. We knew the kids would have so many questions about Jack, and that they may come up with answers on their own if they weren't given the chance to learn more about his challenges. The book helped his classmates have a thoughtful discussion about different abilities.

But even before Jon published the first story, he felt like Jack had more stories to tell and more ways to help his classmates and all kids better understand disabilities.

Which is where we are at today. Let me tell you about the new books! The first one, "The Awesome Adventures of Jackpants!" introduces a young girl, Dakota, who notices Jack's unique mobility and speech. She learns that Jack has cerebral palsy, but that all Jack needs is a little help now and then. In a daydream, Dakota watches as C.P. Menace tries to take out the hero Jackpants with his devious tickle missiles. When Dakota steps in to help, Jackpants is able to thwart C.P. Menace's plot. Dakota's experience reinforces the lesson that we should always look for ways to help one another.

The second book, "The Super Duper Adventures of Jackpants!" is about a boy, Cole, who learns about Jack's feeding tube. A school aid explains to Cole that this is how Jack eats and that it makes him feel super once he's done. When Cole thinks about this more, he dreams about the hero Jackpants, who is tired after saving the day so many times. The hero is still needed, so Cole gets him to wake up and fuel up using his special g-tube so he can continue helping others in need. Back at school, Cole is able to stick up for Jack as he explains to other kids why differences we see in each other only make us more similar to one another.

The two new books, along with the first one, are not just fun stories for grade school kids - they are also great opportunities for parents and teachers to talk about issues like different abilities and being kind to one another. And if your child has CP or a feeding tube, these books highlight and celebrate how awesome they are - our superkids!

You can buy one book for $10, two books for $20, or get the whole series for $25. All prices include shipping in the U.S. We've made ordering easy through our Kickstarter page here. There are also opportunities to become sponsors of the book or even order them for an entire classroom. Make sure to check it out!

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