Tuesday, January 5, 2016

That Darn Hip: Rehab

It's been a full week since the cast was removed. I wish this hip saga was one of those stories we all long for, where we tie it up in a bow, all done with, happy ending. In setting my sight on the cast removal date, I didn't quite prepare for the aftermath. Yes, thank God the stinky, horrible cast is off, but now comes the hard work.

Jack was in an incredible amount of discomfort when the cast came off. We quickly left the doctors office and gave Jack a gentle bath at my parent's house. Once that happened, he smelled like roses and heaven, I tell ya. We had all the major pain meds and muscle relaxers on board and then we made the two hour journey home. When we arrived, Jon and I looked at each other and we knew. Jack was not going to just bounce back from this like we had hoped. Like so many of Jack's medical issues, this would be a journey (my word for a really difficult, zigzagging road that demands flexibility and allows for zero control of any timeline).

We settled into a routine much like the one immediately following surgery. A kid in lots of pain and not wanting to be touched. Goals? Make him comfortable. Pain meds. Hope he can sleep.

Last Wednesday, Jack had his first physical therapy session specifically for rehabbing his hip. We are working to regain so much of Jack's previous progress. The therapist gently stretched his left leg, worked on sitting, and Jack briefly stood on his right leg, his good side. It was then I fully realized that Jack is going to have to relearn all his milestones - sitting, standing, walking. A process that took years. My prayer is that muscle memory will help things progress much more quickly. As of right now, he can sit unassisted for about 10 seconds. No standing. Definitely no walking. That's where we are at.

I thought going back to school may be on the horizon by next week, but unless some major progress is made, Jack will not be going back on that timeline. As of today, he's missed almost two months. I'd be lying if I didn't tell you that fact is hard to swallow. Jack loves school. He was just getting into the swing of his new school and new routine. So I'm not going to downplay this. We are bummed and it's OK to be sad about these things because they mean a lot to us. I've said it before - school is a gift.

But enough about how hard this is. I want to leave this post declaring, again, that this kid is my hero.

And to show something that brightened our whole week - puppy visit!

Although I've been begging for our very own, IKEA Daisy is probably as close as we'll get right now.

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Julie said...

I wish this was easier for you and it breaks my heart that Jack has to go through this. Know that I'm cheering you all on every step of the way. (do an Itsy Bitsy with him for me)

Jessi said...

Thanks Julie <3 and of course!