Saturday, December 5, 2015

That Darn Hip: Hunger Strike

perfect morning for a stroll around the loop
I've said it before and I'll say it again - thank God for feeding tubes. Jack has decided he's not really into eating now that he's in the body cast. At first we thought he may not have much of an appetite post-surgery. We thought eventually he would get his hunger back. It just hasn't happened and now we think this whole not eating thing may be about control.

Jack can't move. He can't do his normal things. The only thing he can really control is what goes in his mouth. The past couple of days he hasn't taken a bite. He is getting really skinny and that worries us. So we are back to a full feeding schedule through the tube. I know feeding tubes are often a hard decision for parents to make, but for us, it has saved Jack's life countless times.

We arrived home to the woods of Clancy and although we could tell Jack was happy to be home, he was pretty depressed about not being able to do his normal things. I never realized just how much Jack moves in a typical day. I mean constant movement, from room to room, activity to activity. Especially in the last couple of days, we notice he is depressed and will hardly smile or laugh.

This is hard. I hate seeing Jack so unhappy and the worst part is not being able to explain to him that this is temporary. He looks at me, I think willing me to take off his cast and all I can say is "sorry buddy, it has to stay on." Yesterday he just wanted to lay next to daddy and wasn't interested in even his favorite songs, movies or games.

Monday we will be halfway through this cast life. We made a countdown garland to help lighten the mood and really, forget countdown to Christmas... Countdown till Cast Off! If you think about it, we would sure appreciate prayers for Jack's mood and appetite in this last half of the cast. I know there will be challenges once it comes off (learning to walk again, for instance), but December 28th is going to be our real Christmas celebration this year.

Jack continues to be spoiled with such thoughtful care packages and us adults continue to get meal deliveries and all sorts of goodies. All of the well-wishes and love sent our way is really appreciated. I'll leave you with a photo of one of the sweetest packages we got this week. Letters from Jack's kindergarten class.

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Allison Austin said...

December 28th. That is my boys birthdays. We will celebrating with you. And praying for Jack, and you!

mhckobrien said...

Oh, heartbreaking! Sorry to hear that sweet smile is mostly absent these days. Will be keeping you in our thoughts and prayers!

mama Lisa said...

We are looking forward to December 28th as well, that's Adeline's birthday! So like Allison Austin said, we will all be celebrating with you! Countdown to cast-off! Praying for his appetite. And what thoughtful notes from his classmates :)

Beverly said...

Praying for your precious boy. It must be so hard for you to not be able to explain it all away and see that smile again. Praying for smiles and hunger. I'll be counting down to cast-off with you.