Wednesday, November 4, 2015

It Takes A Village

School pictures came back today and we have this.

I love how it captures his sweetness.

I've written about school picture day before. Plain and simple - it is not a fun day for our boy and last year, I got caught up in trying to make it happen... and I was bummed when it didn't really work.

This year was different. I let go of picture day. I read my own advice and told myself to chill out. And in the process of getting ready for my exams, I didn't have time to give it much thought. I got Jack dressed that morning and made sure his hair wasn't too out of control, but then I went off to study. Jon went along and decided to stick around to see if he could help. They worked hard and finally got a tiny smile. It takes a village, I tell ya.

Today, when Jack's helper handed the packet to me, I couldn't help but sigh. What a cute kid. He looks so old. I imagine this is what most parents think when they see school pictures. Like how is my baby even in a school photo?

You know how FB and certain apps show you what photos you posted on this day, however many years ago? Well this morning my Timehop was making me all weepy. There were photos of one of my baby showers and there were even some pre-Jack photos. To think of all that has happened since then. Of how he's grown and how I've grown and the lessons we've learned along the way. The way time does, it just flies.

Anyway. You're one cute kid, sweetie.
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Sarah said...

Oh Jack! You look like you're just coming off of a really great hug.

So incredibly sweet.

Beverly said...

I like the picture. He is growing up but I love that look of his. He is one sweet boy to me!