Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Mom Goes To School: Comps

Yep. It's been radio silence on this, my cherished slice of the internet, because I am furiously, anxiously, begrudgingly, excitedly, and now resigned to getting ready for my comprehensive exams. THE exams that I've been working towards for my entire scholastic career. The exams that will deem me fit to write my dissertation or... I guess, go back to studying some more. I hope/pray/plead that I pass on my first go around and don't have to look back.

I've been in exam prep fog for months now and my waking hours are spent pouring over notes, reading, writing, and doing all that on repeat. Admittedly, I am not the most fun person to be around, but we've still managed to squeeze in some trips to the cabin and celebrate our September birthdays during this craziness. Jack has been enjoying the farmer's market lately. Here we are last Saturday.

My dad has been coming every week since August to give me a couple days to study, Jack-free. Jon has been taking Fridays off to give me three more full days of study time, as well. It's a team sport, I tell ya. Even with all this studying, you never quite feel ready. I am so, so nervous. Just thirteen days from my first comp (day-long, written essay exam) and I will have one more at the end of October. Then, to top it off, I have an oral examination sometime in November or December to defend my written work. All in Utah. Just typing that = NERVES.

Of course this all coincides with Jack's upcoming surgery in November. So, we just keep swimming and praying that everything goes smoothly and that I do well enough to pass these suckers on the first try so I can focus totally on Jack when he needs it.

I miss blogging and felt that I owed an explanation to those who stop by to see how Jack is doing. This is what we are up to! Jack is doing well in kindergarten and getting more and more used to his new routine. Of course new routines are hard for him, but we are so happy with how things are going.

As always, I appreciate hearing from you. I love keeping up with you on Instagram or by email. I always have time to squeeze in those two!
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Alisha said...

I can't even imagine the stress you're under! I'm sending good thoughts for successful exams and a good surgery recovery for Jack!
-Alisha (mamasunsine83)