Thursday, August 20, 2015

Some Late-Summer Magic

This past weekend we found ourselves on a small mountain lake for some late-summer magic. A few of my friends must have read my last post and taken it to heart, haha! I was bemoaning the fact that this summer has been super rough. I was feeling like we missed out on a lot of the fun and easy-going nature that summer has come to represent to our family. With getting the news of Jack's surgery, the stress of kindergarten, and our own stuff mixed in between, I was feeling the weight of it all.

Then a friend said "take our truck, take our kayaks, and go." And we went. We packed a picnic and just zipped all over the lake, breathing in the fresh air (thankfully, no smoke from wildfires up there), and had a great and unhurried time together.

I have to give a shout out to some people: To my friends for how they have stood by me these past two months. It's never easy to go "there" with someone, into their suffering, but each day that I've felt so completely overwhelmed, I've heard from a friend, gotten a letter or package in the mail, or been asked to get out of the house. You know who you are and you are awesome. I will forever remember how you've rallied around us and I hope to return the love. And to my parents, who have taken Jack to Missoula for his own fun almost every week. To give me time to study and prepare for my exams. To give Jon and I a breather - thank you. My parents have been our respite care for Jack since he was born and we certainly count that as one of the biggest blessings of our lives.

Yes, summer is coming to an end. Jack is finally set up to start kindergarten. Next week will be a flurry of activity getting him settled in at his new school. I gave you a sneak peek on FB of something Jon has been working on to introduce Jack to his classmates. We will be showing you that soon and telling you the whole amazing story behind it. It's pretty awesome.

Stay tuned, friends.

(P.S. a certain Mr. Jackpants Bennion reached a major milestone in his young life this past month - he lost his first two teeth. Yes, daddy had to help pull them out. Yes, tears were shed. Yes, his smile is adorable. And the two adult teeth have already taken residence. TIME SLOW DOWN, PLEASE.)
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Beverly said...

Glad you got a surprise trip and I can't wait to see Jack's new smile!