Monday, August 31, 2015

First Day of Kindergarten

If you would have asked me when Jack was born for a major milestone that I hoped and prayed and could only dream he would someday reach, going to kindergarten would be right up there.

Friends, such dream come true.

And look at him. Just now as I type, I'm feeling the significance of this day, his first day at grade school. A privilege not afforded to everyone whose life begins so very early.

We woke up bright and early to 48 degrees, which is only appropriate living in Montana. I grabbed a warm sweatshirt and Jack's fun new big boy backpack and we snapped a few photos on our porch and in our front yard. Our tradition.

I mean, who is this big kid?!

We drove to the school and got to experience our first drop-off craziness of the modern American grade school. Jack was all like "um, what is this place?"

Once inside he settled right into his room. We brought along the essentials. 1) iPad 2) picture book of familiar people and items 3) favorite ball.

We have gotten into the swing of things nicely and so far, so good! Jack's classmates are getting their very own copies of The Adventures of Jackpants this week, so that should be fun. Hope all of your little ones had a great first few days, too. Onward we go!

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4 comments: said...

Wow, I'm so proud of Jack! I totally understand your uncertainty when Jack was a baby, but he made it to Kindergarten also because of your perseverance to follow your dreams for him.

Judy said...

Ooooh -- this makes my heart sing! Awesome photos and commentary. . .makes me feel like I was there, with tears of joy! Love to you all ~ Judy & Skip

Arielle Badger Newman said...

This is so sweet Jessi! I love seeing these pics and am so happy for you and your family! What a blessing this day was for you!

Jessi said...

Thanks all! Love reading these comments. It was a wonderful, memory-making day.