Monday, May 11, 2015

To Jack's Week!

May 2nd, blurry eyed and four minutes before midnight, I turned in the last set of my writings for my PhD coursework. It has taken over a week to get off that finals "high." Or maybe it's more of a "low," where zombie-like qualities take over, but you still can't sleep because adrenaline is coursing and you pray to God you will "at least get a B!" and you second guess every single sentence you wrote. At least that's been me.

After trying to chill out the rest of that weekend, I planned a little celebration with friends because I missed all of them and needed to be reminded about real life. Thanks, girls, for coming over and reminding me just how fun you all are. The party landed on Cinco de Mayo, so we had a Mexican feast and just sat around talking and passing a friend's newborn around. Pretty much perfect evening.

Thursday was a very special day, because we were invited to the signing ceremony of the ABLE Act at the Montana capitol building.

This bill was something Jon worked on during his own down time and to see it come to fruition was a total highlight of our year.

For people who work in politics (Jon) and who study politics (me), it was incredible to watch such a bipartisan effort on behalf of this bill. After Governor Bullock signed the bill, we introduced him to Jack.

It will certainly go down in our history book!

After the signing ceremony, we hopped in the car for a weekend in Billings, where Jon is from and where his parents and a couple of his siblings live. We were able to go on a couple dinner dates (thanks Nans and Pops!) and we took Jack to an indoor ferris wheel.

Verdict? Liked it when it was moving, hated it during the stop/load/unload of people. I don't see any amusement parks in the near future, unless we can skip the lines and waiting time.

We are back home and gearing up for another trip. So begins our travel season and the time when Jack sees ALL THE DOCTORS IN (what seems like) THE ENTIRE STATE OF MONTANA. I will let you know how they go. On the horizon: neurosurgeon, pediatrician, gastrointestinal, ophthalmologist, orthopedic, and the good ol' dentist! Fun, right?

This week we are entering is always an interesting one for my emotions. Our boy turns 6 on Friday. Six years old! Beyond the fact that he is now, most assuredly, a kid, it is hard. I suspect it will always be, because how can I not think about this very week, six years ago? To not think about everything that led to his early birth and how the trajectory of our life veered completely off course?

Each year, though, I am more and more amazed at this gift we've been given. And to see everything that has happened because of that Friday, May 15th, 2009... yep, it's a gift.

To Jack's week!
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