Thursday, April 9, 2015

Where Have You Been?

Yesterday we met daddy at the park for 10 minutes of sunshine. Jon is in the final month of working the legislature and we have to squeeze in time when we can. Since January, he has been clocking insane hours getting the job done. We are so proud of his hard work and are anxious for May to come!

May will be good for so many reasons. I will finally be done with my coursework. I won't have to take another class FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. I tried to count the actual number of classes I have taken post-high school the other day, but I can't even remember. To say that I am done and have been dealing with intense senioritis is an understatement! But... I see the light.

May is always a special month for us. Jack was born in May. We were married in May. The land we live turns green and blooms. The days stretch out. Needless to say, we have lots of fun things planned this May/June and I will be able to write more because I won't have my courses to deal with.

Yes, things have been pretty silent around here and I just hate that. I adore this space. I don't like neglecting it. Last week I presented at my first conference as a political scientist and it just reminded me how much my life has changed in these years since having Jack. When he was born, I never thought I could pursue a dream of my own, again. My whole being was tied to keeping him alive and keeping him safe. Most days, I couldn't see beyond the next feed, the next appointment, the next hour. When you have a kid like Jack, your world becomes so small and it has to be that way, in order to make it.

As Jack has grown, healed, and blossomed, so have I. As Jack becomes more independent and more aware of the world around him, I am taking big steps of my own. It is such a time of healing for us.

One thing that we decided to take up as a family is working towards getting the Montana ABLE Act signed into law. Having Jack has enlightened us to so many things, so the minute we heard of the passage of this law at the federal level, we knew we needed to get our state on board as soon as we could. If you follow us on FB, you may have seen me talk about it here and there, but let me tell you this - an amazing, bipartisan group of people have rallied around this bill and I'm happy to say that it passed a first big hurdle, getting voted out of the Montana Senate. Now the bill is making it's journey through the House. We know a lot of things can happen in a quickly moving legislative session, but we are hopeful.

I feel like this has been a Where Have You Been? post, but I had a few minutes and just went with it. You'll be seeing me more after finals. Jack is doing well. He is finishing up his last months at preschool. He is wanting to be outside every single second and he is growing like a weed. As always, you can keep up with our day to day stuff at @jessibennion on Instagram.

Until next time!

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Joanna B said...

I have enjoyed following your blog for some time now! I grew up in Montana, and we live in DC now... I love your honesty and your love for your son. We have three precious adopted kiddos with special needs, one with complex CHD, one with connective tissue disorder and club feet, and our baby who has terminal CHD and has been home for six months.
Just wanted to say that I enjoy reading!

Jessi said...

Hi Joanna! Thanks so much for the comment. Love hearing from you and about your precious kids. And fun you are from MT!! Thanks for reading!