Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Year, New Adventures

Jack went to Grams and Cheeks house for a week during his winter break(cue the sound of angels singing). While he was gone, we had lots of time to talk about 2015, as us planner types are apt to do. Jon asked me if I had any resolutions for the new year. My answer was simple - I just want to complete the things I already have going on in my life. My courses and exams, for example. Getting Jack settled into kindergarten. Those two things will most certainly be enough.

But then I got to thinking. It all started with the realization that this is winter in Montana and we weren't taking advantage of the fun. Things with Jack can get tricky and there is every legitimate excuse not to get out and try new things. The biggest thing preventing winter fun? He can't walk in snow. Balance on anything other than a flat, even surface causes him to lose balance and confidence. We have a couple sleds, but don't always want something where he'll get cold after two runs down a hill. It's getting harder and harder for me to lift and carry Jack for extended periods of time. Boy is getting big and his time spent on my hip is becoming less and less.

But then an idea. And because Facebook is awesome, I asked if anyone had a backpack carrier that would work for a kid Jack's size, because if we were going to carry him, at least we should be able to do it for more than five minutes. And because people are awesome, I immediately got a "sure, have ours!" and even someone offering to "send one in the mail!" 

We met up with our boy at Grams and Cheeks house and we had a proper adventure in the snowy landscape.

The thing I'm learning about Jack adventures: they take time. And energy. And perseverance. This is probably the most recurring theme in our life with Jack. For an outdoor adventure, add a bunch of things on to the average time getting a typical kid ready for an outdoor adventure and you've got hours extra of planning/prep for maybe 30 minutes in the snow.

New adventures are worth it, though, and here's why. His smile when he sees the world from a different view. His giggles and shouts of joy when we follow the path and find the river and get to throw all sorts of things into the icy water. Being with all his favorite people in a brand new environment... and ENJOYING it. Seeing new things, when vision and processing don't come easy. This is a big deal for our kid.

Any resolutions for 2015? I'd say we'll be adding on some new adventures.

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jaymie said...

Since we've moved to montana we've said a million times that we HAVE to find a backpack for kanyon! He weighs about 40lbs (give or take a few). What brands did people say would hold a bigger kid. Id love to know about this so we have a clue where to start! We've learned very quickly that everything you said is SO TRUE. adventures can be limited but this would open huge doors! Thanka for any info!

Jessi said...

Hi Jaymie! Love that you live in MT now :) check out Kelty brand child carriers. They are really nice!

Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures! Would a jogging stroller with the right kind of tires work on a packed snow trail? We had one that went to 65 pounds. A chariot bike trailer can convert to a ski trailer that you can tow behind x-c skis.

Yay for new adventures!


Jessi said...


I will have to check those out!! Sounds fun.