Friday, November 21, 2014

A Dream About Jack

"I had a dream about Jack last night."

I hear these words quite frequently - from family, from friends, and even from those who have read the blog or maybe heard our story, but don't know us very well.

Today it was one of Jack's teachers. As I was dropping him off at his classroom, putting his coat in his cubby, she excitedly came over and said:

"I had a dream about Jack last night. In it, he fell down and hit his head and then said through tears, "I want my mommy!" And get this! Another teacher had a dream about Jack last night too. Isn't that crazy? He was talking in her dream, too. You know, he is making so many new sounds lately. Maybe he is on the cusp of a breakthrough!"

Over the years, people have had all sorts of dreams about Jack. Dreams where he began walking. Some where he was running. Countless where he was speaking in full sentences. Dreams about him eating a big meal. About him drinking through a straw. And even dreams where he is an adult. 

Some may wonder how I feel about this. Is it hard to hear about dreams that may never come true? Logically, I know Jack will never do some things this side of heaven. But ultimately, I also know he has overcome quite a few obstacles that we originally thought would be barriers in his life. Most of the time when I hear about a dream I get a small glimmer of hope. Of what could be.

So my verdict? I absolutely love hearing about dreams where my boy is rockin' it. I love that someone got to hear his, what I can only imagine is, sweet little voice in a dream. That he was saying "mommy" is just the icing on the cake.

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Jackie said...

I'm so glad to hear this from someone else. I get this often, most especially from my mother-in-law (she actually had a dream about Alli walking about a week before she did and recently had a dream about her talking). I bounce back and forth between a lump in my throat and trying not to look too far into their dreams to feeling that similar glimmer of hope. Praying we both hear those sweet voices sooner rather than later.

Deborah said...

Your boy is so sweet in this picture! I truly hope these dreams come true and more.