Monday, October 6, 2014


Our boy can drink.

(I'm just gonna let that sentence sink in for a few glorious seconds.)

It's something we've worked on since Jack gave up the whole eating and drinking thing around a year old. We (appropriately) freaked and took an immediate dive into the world of g-tubes, blenderized diets, and feeding clinics.

With Jack, some things just suddenly click. But it takes YEARS of practice, of experimenting, of trying, of therapy. At the ripe old age of five, I can say with certainty that our boy can drink large amounts of water. Big gulps, huh? Yep. Big gulps.

There's only one problem.

He only drinks for me.

Not for daddy. Not for grandma. Nor for his teachers or therapists. Only me.

We have this little game going where I put a little water down his syringe (we are able to gavage liquids) and then, it's Jack's turn to take a drink. So back and forth we go. Jack doesn't realize, but I am putting the teeniest, tiniest amount of water down his tube. He is doing the big boy work of taking drinks. Ounces upon ounces of beautiful water is going down that throat of his. It's pretty spectacular.

In true preemie fashion I am hoping and praying this is not a phase. My deepest desire is that we have finally taken the giant leap to drinking land, never to return.

Then, the most exciting thoughts. Jack uses his g-tube for hydration. What happens when boy can properly hydrate himself? What happens when he will take a drink from anyone? What happens (please, God) when he independently takes the cup, fills it, and goes to town on that water? Can we finally say adios to the tube?

Only time, friends, and with the realization (from years of experience) that Jack does things when he wants to and on his own timeline. As his mom I am just along for this crazy ride.

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Ms. Griggs said...

Hi again,

My husband & I are wrestling with the idea of a G-Tube for our little Jack. He's 4 months old and uses an NG tube that he insists on pulling out every few days! That means we are in the ER every few days. He seems like not only does it irritate him, but it actually hurts him. He has a reflux issue because of a cleft palate and the tube seems to exaggerate it. Can you give me some advice based on your experience? We're nervous about a surgical implant and don't know how it will effect his overall development.

Thank you so much! Your story gives me hope!

Jack's Mom (x-link hydro & cp)

jbennion said...

Hi Samantha! The g-tube has only been a good thing for us! Jack's development took right off once we got it. He is now, at age 6, eating all his calories orally and using the tube for hydration. Yes, it's been a long process, but he really needed the permanent tube to get to this point.

Ms. Griggs said...

Thank you so much!! We're hoping that's the case for Jack and it's wonderful to hear positive feedback. We wish your family the best and we're so happy to watch your Jack grow & thrive!