Tuesday, September 16, 2014

She Got It!!

I was thrilled and nervous went I hit publish on our big Jack birthday idea. We had agreed to raise almost $3000 to cover the cost of a wheelchair for a little girl named Nellie Jo. We had 15 days and needed our friends and family to join in with us on this dream. I said a quick prayer, clicked publish and then waited by my phone.

I shouldn't have worried. Immediately, email after email came in, showing that our amazing family, friends, and yes, even those we have never met, were determined to get Nellie Jo her chair. In fact, over 50 of you gave, which is truly incredible. We were blown away. Thank you for believing in this idea and for generously giving.

And the reason for reminding you of this? I am so happy to share with you that our girl got her chair last week!! And it is perfect. Medically speaking, it is a chair that is expertly fitted to her specific needs. This will change her life, no doubt. And not only did I want to share this fabulous news, we have a video! (Click here if you can't see it)

I knew she was adorable in the photos I saw, but I am now officially in love with Nellie Jo. Isn't her laugh and smile the best? Because of you and your willingness to believe in our birthday idea, we were able to do something tangible and life-changing. Doesn't get much better than that. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.
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Alisha said...

That's incredible! I love her beautiful smile. And the name 'Nellie' was on our list before Lucy was born. So happy for this sweet little girl and so glad she got her chair!

Kelli Johanesen said...

I love that! Such an awesome ministry. :D

Christi O'Brien said...

Oh, just catching up on your blog and LOVE this! Her belly laugh makes me tear up with joy! She's such a beautiful little girl and her chair looks wonderful!