Monday, September 8, 2014

And Off He Goes

All the feelings this morning, friends. This kid went off to school. Very confidently, I might add.

But first, Jack just being adorable.

I remember when this little backpack was huge on him. It's crazy how our children grow. There is still a part of me that worries about all that school entails, but my worry is in no comparison to how excited I am to see the amazing things this kid will accomplish this year.

Checking out his new classroom.

And his communication cards.

He thinks it's pretty awesome!

And one last hug from daddy and off he went.

We hope this school year is filled with lots of learning and lots of fun! We love you, buddy.

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Alisha said...

Oh gosh, he looks so cute and so excited! Saying a special prayer that he'll have a wonderful year and will flourish! XO

P said...

I have tears reading this. What an amazing milestone for Jack and for your family! Wishing him a wonderful, fun, exciting year ahead! W