Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Our First Family Vacation

The minute we walked into the cabin, Jack got down on the super soft carpet and did his happy dance. Jon and I looked at each other and just had to smile. This was not the reaction we were expecting. Just the previous week, Jack and I had gone over to a friends house and he cried for an entire hour, wanting to leave. He has been overly anxious since a medical procedure last winter. New and confined places are more and more becoming a no-go. The days leading up to our trip we prepared ourselves that we may have an unhappy little guy on our hands. Thank God, we were so wrong. 

The minute I saw this cabin on the lake (while searching online in the freezing cold of January), I knew. It just felt like like "the place" where we should take our first family vacation. Friends, Jack took to this little slice of heaven immediately. I don't use the word perfect very often, but the days we spent at this magical place felt like it just couldn't get much better. 

Our cabin (which will always be called "ours" from here on out) is nestled right on the shore of Flathead Lake in northwest Montana. Things that made it perfect for Jack? Everything. Seriously everything. I won't bore you with all the teeny tiny things, but the bedroom, family room, bathroom, kitchen, and deck are all located on one floor. Easy and safe access for a kid like Jack. Plus the deck and stairs leading down to the dock are baby proofed, which was just a bonus for us. Boy could wander the whole house and I didn't have to keep an eagle eye on him. 

You guys, THE VIEW. Every window had an incredible look out at the turquoise blue waters. 

Since our boy has been fascinated by the water lately, we took him down to the shoreline first thing. 

Lots of skipping rocks and laughing uncontrollably happened on our little beach. 

The first night of our vacation, Grams and Cheeks came for dinner. Jack was so happy to have his favorites there.

This next one may be my most favorite picture of all time. Sigh.

It was Cheek's birthday!

And this. Best friends, I tell ya. 

Trying out the kayaks. 

The paddle boat was perfect for Jack. He adored it. He would cuddle right into us and watch our legs move the boat. He loved getting splashed by the water and the canopy provided perfect shade. In fact, as soon as Jack got up each morning, he wanted right in the paddle boat. We ended up going for a ride every few hours.

We settled into lake life quite nicely. In particular, I loved early mornings from the deck, overlooking the water. The lake was so still. It was tranquil. I would grab a strong cup of coffee, some breakfast, and a good book. Heaven. 

Jack would often join me with his own reads. 

Between playing in the water and on the deck, Jack would just sprawl out on the comfy carpet with a favorite movie, window and deck doors open to catch the lake breeze.

I think what I will remember most about this vacation is how relaxed we all were. We spent time doing the things that we love. 



And playing, of course. 

Being away from the daily rigors always puts it into perspective for me. I got to spend five days with my two most favorite people on this earth. No agenda. No worrying about this medical appointment or that therapy. Jon and I are notorious planners, but for these precious days, we left things wide open. It was the best thing for us, for our family. 

Jon would head out for a long kayak each morning and Jack and I would sit on the dock, just soaking it all in. 

It's safe to say that we heart this little place. 

This little slice of Montana beauty.

And a happy boy. What more could we have asked for? 

The last day we realized we should get a group shot. Self-timer for the (minus 1?) win. Jack was too busy playing to be bothered with a family photo and who could blame him?

Until next time.

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