Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Our Weekend Away

As so often happens, we planned a weekend getaway surrounding Jack's doctors appointments. It just makes sense for us, since he has doctors stretched out practically across the whole state. Have an appointment in Billings? Well then, let's make a weekend out of it!

This time around the destination was Missoula. Jack had a neurosurgeon to see and some teeth to get checked on. Coincidentally, it was also our 10th anniversary and it just seemed fitting to celebrate a bit in the place where we tied the knot.

This kid.

He has absolutely entered the stage of being totally and completely horrified at doctors visits. I knew it was coming, but he is dealing with a pretty severe case of medical anxiety. I can't really blame him. He has been poked and prodded since he was born, but now he gets it. And he hates it. The nurses and both doctors we saw were more than accommodating, but our hearts still broke as we tried to explain that no, he wasn't getting any ouchy procedure today. He was just getting a check up. I found myself asking if this would get any easier the more cognitively aware he gets?

He bounced right back after the appointments and I'm pretty sure it had to do with the fact that he was visiting his favorites, Cheeks and Grams.

Jack loves a good Grams snuggle.

And of course, the swing.

Jon and I were able to go on at least five dates (as in going to places ALONE, sans kid, to do WHATEVER. So, basically, ALL THE THINGS). We went to all our favorite restaurants. We hit up the farmer's market (dubbed "my happy place"). On a whim we stopped by the church where we got married and we were able to go inside. They were setting up for another wedding and we got to explore, saying things like "here's the spot where we first saw each other!" and "this is where that great photo was taken!" I can't believe it's been ten years.

Other than that, we played. Jack has finally gotten over his fear of the grass. Thank goodness, cause his mama sure loves to lay in the grass, good book in hand. Now we can hang out together.

The other new most favorite thing? The water. Boy want to be in and near the water. So we have all sorts of fun things planned for this summer. While in Missoula, we went to the river.

Oh these photos. Love.

Whenever Jack is looking off in the distance, that is him looking at the river. We always celebrate when Jack finds a new love. For a kid that has his routine of pretty much everything (places, toys, people), we sure find excitement when something brand spankin new enters the scene. If our boy loves the water, then we will find the water ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE.

We had a great time. Jack's neurosurgery appointment went well. Whenever a doc says "see ya in a year!", it's a good day. The teeth are looking pretty good, too, especially for a kid with severe oral aversion that doesn't chew or let stuff (think toothbrush) in his mouth. No cavities, but he will need a cleaning under sedation at some point in the near future. We will take it!

And this last photo. Thanks, Cheeks, we love it!

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Brandi Powell said...

Tears are gently rolling off my chin at his face and his happiness at the river! The emotion in this photos is so pure. Well, all of these photos, but the one of you and Jon, is stunning. Congratulations on your big anniversary!