Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Reclaiming the Day

Bittersweet birthdays.

I've spent time in the past explaining why birthdays are so hard on preemie parents.

This year, we are reclaiming the day. May 15th will be a day where we do all the things Jack loves. This means you won't see us celebrating with a big ole' party, friends, and presents. No, that would not be fun for a kid who, more and more, loves his routine and doesn't appreciate loud crowds. The day will be about doing all the things that bring Jack so much joy.

We will take lots of walks. We will go to the park and we will swing, and swing and swing some more. I'm sure we will visit daddy at work. Lots of car rides will be in order. Jack will get as many Cheetos as he wants.

This year, a year that we have seen no major illnesses or surgeries, is a year to celebrate. Our boy is turning five. He is most definitely a KID.

And most special? We will get Nellie Jo her wheelchair. Reclaiming the day means realizing how good we have it. We can't wait to honor our boy who teaches us so much about life.

Happy Birthday, buddy.

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree. Birthdays are hard and sometimes it feels like you want to do anything but celebrate. I applaud you and am inspired by your plan to "take back the day". He is full of joy, you are remarkable and your family is beautiful! Congrats and happy birthday Jack!!!!

~ Life doesn't have to be perfect, in order to be wonderful!

Shannon said...

Sounds like the best birthday ever!! Love you all!