Friday, May 2, 2014

Letters From Jack

Exhausted after cleaning up the last of my apartment, I got in the car. There it was, a letter from Jack. My last letter. Yep, these pretty much made my year.

Hi Mommy!
This is my last letter to you because you
are coming home! It has been a long
year, but now it is over. Now there
are no reasons to not do "This Little
Piggy" on my toes all day, every day.
If we have any free time, you can take
me on walks and into the sunroom.
I want you to know that I'm proud
of you and I think you are the
smartest mommy in the world. I get
to tell all the kids at school that
my mommy is going to be a doctor. Thank
you for studying hard, but please come
home now. I think Cheeks will go crazy
if he has to read the Bath Time book one
more time.
Love, Jack P.

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