Monday, May 19, 2014

Jack's Day

The day before Jack's birthday, I decided we really needed some photos of our almost-five year old. Just Jack, being Jack.


This kid and the front porch. It's his new favorite place. From this vantage point, he can watch the deer walk by, see a car or two zoom past and maybe, just maybe, he will be able to get in the car for a ride. This kid finds the front porch so hilarious!

Friendly deer.

And out back.

Sweet boy still doesn't love walking on grass, but his almost-five year old self wanted to explore and I was happy he invited me along!

I swear he's like 6ft tall already.

This looks like a good spot.

Sigh. Such a handsome boy.

May 15th came and it was absolutely perfect. Jon wrote out a list of Jack's favorite things and we did them all.

First, a quiet morning. Jack watched some Sesame Street and we got lots of cuddles in. 

He didn't have preschool that morning, but his teachers had sent him off the previous day with a little class party complete with cake, singing "happy birthday" and a card. It's so going in the scrapbook.

We met up with daddy later and managed to find a not too busy park (a miracle, I tell ya!).

THE BIRTHDAY BOY!!! (thank you, Old Navy clearance section)

Telling me all about what he wants to do next.

Also, notice my awesome bracelet - It says "Super Jack." From my sweet sis-in-law.

Later that evening, after a day filled with doing only the things that Jack loves, we lit the candles and showed Jack his cupcake. 

He absolutely loved this part.

He didn't want one single bite of his cupcake, but he sure laughed and laughed some more. 

Happy 5th Birthday, sweet boy! 

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Our Beautiful Family said...

Beautiful, just beautiful

Christi said...

So great!

jaymie said...

What a perfect way to celebrate. He reminds me so much of kanyon. Especially the cake part. Kanyon loves to help pick out what he wants on the cake but wants nothing to do with it once he blows the candles out! It's Cheetos for him on his birthday! I know the birthday feeling and it's sometimes hard to make that day make any sense but I'm so thankful you're at this point now where you can feel joy on that day. Celebrating a joyful jack! I keep thinking now that we are in Montana we should meet up! Maybe some day!! Happy birthday jack!