Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Summer of Change

(Lucky you, another post from Jon! Thanks to him for stepping in while I am in the crazy busyness of finals.)

Most kids need a routine. The familiar is comforting - predictable is key.  Those principles apply exponentially more to Jack. His issues with vision and comprehension makes consistency paramount. You may have watched "Frozen" with your kid 100 times, but Jessi and I have probably seen some Elmo episodes more than 1000 times. We've read him his favorite bath time book at least 2000 times. Some of his toys are several years old because he gravitates towards them instead of new ones.

However, something has changed in the last few months. Jack still wants some of the same shows, books and toys, but they don't occupy his time like they did in the past. They don't have the same luster. That doesn't mean he is eager to watch new movies, do new activities, or play with new things. We are sitting at a crossroads in Jackland. When you consider that Jack will not have school in a matter of months, we are aware that our little boy could be heading towards a big, bored summer.

With Jessi wrapping up the semester right now, we have talked about the need for expanding Jack's horizons. This is no simple task since the very introduction of new things can be a little stressful on him.  We are starting to brainstorm on what activities we can start to makes sure he keeps busy. The introduction of new things may also include making Jack try some new flavors in his ever-consistent diet.

Summer has always been a time of big change for Jack. It was his first summer when he really burst his isolation bubble and got out in the world. His second summer started with an intensive, but successful, feeding therapy clinic in Seattle. His third summer started just after his first taste of preschool. Summer 2014 will be one where (hopefully) we are able to expand his horizons beyond the familiar things he has known for five years.

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