Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Quiet Moments

I love the quiet moments, friends. I don't have much desire for loud and exciting these days. I especially love the times where we don't have anything on the agenda - no therapy, no school, no outings. I made sure to have my camera during spring break so I could capture the moments that seem to slip by much too quickly.

This kid. He is always on the move to his favorites. I don't take for granted his ability to move his body. To get from here to there. From room to room, from toy to toy.

Quiet mornings. Our boy is getting up so early. He has always been an early riser, really. Since I've been down in Utah, I've actually missed the steady alarm of Jack getting up. In the morning he is content. I walked into the living room and he was sitting there, in the still quiet, waiting for school.

This face.

Jack still loves his books, but now it's different. He does not want us to read them to him. He seems to be saying "no, mama, I just want to read it myself!"

Of course I'm biased, but boy is BEAUTIFUL.

All parents say this, but I think preemie parents can be particularly amazed - how did my tiny one pound baby become this tall kid? It takes my breath away.

Yep. Still in love with his cell phone. Still texting grandma. Maybe texting a friend or two from school. Jack loves it when he finds the place on the screen with all the different ring tones. I hear him giggle when he presses the button to play each one.

Of course I cherished our time together. Being away so much this year has just solidified my adoration for our little place we call home. My love for Montana. My love for my boys. Jack is doing so well. Sure, he has his on-going list of things he is working on. But my perspective allows me to see just how far he has come. He has made such huge strides this year. Sometimes it is in the quiet moments when we see it most.

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kurt valiton said...

Jessi, no bias needed, your boy is beautiful! For awhile
I've been wanting to let you know how much Lesly and I LOVE seeing his smile in pictures. Jack lights up our lives, there's no way to see his smile and not smile ourselves. Thank you Jack!

Also wanted to say thank you to you Jessi for all you've done to affect my perspective on being a parent and loving your child. Our first is due in July and we cant wait for the adventure and to find out who God entrusts us with!

Jessi said...

Gosh, your comment made my day! Thank YOU for always encouraging us.