Monday, March 31, 2014

Mom Goes To School: Four Weeks

Waking up to a fresh inch of snow means postponing my return to Utah by a few hours. Since having Jack, I am not as interested in pushing fate or being a daredevil in my driving. I will get there when I get there. Plus, I got another hour with my boys this morning before they left for preschool and work, which is priceless.

Four weeks. That is all I have left of this back to school adventure. Time is going to fly. Well, of course I have YEARS left of my doctorate, but as far as this first school year, the first of everything... it is almost over. And thank God. I can clearly see summer break on the horizon. It feels incredible to know that I am almost over the finish line.

I won't sugar coat it - it has been a hard year. If there is one word to describe it, I would say uncomfortable. Living between two places. Constant back and forth. Missing Jon and Jack. Missing friends. The nerves. The pressure. The loneliness. I have never had a time where I have been so out of my element, but at the same time, so in my element.

If anything, chasing after this dream has been exhilarating. But I am ready. Ready to be AT HOME. Ready to take a breath. Ready to slow down.

Four weeks.


And a few insta's of our weekend.

I've told you before that this kid has the best laugh. Even better? Finding him in a random place, and he's totally giggling his head off. I have no idea what was going on or what was so funny, but his joyful noises sure make our house the best place to be.
We have really been missing Daisy Sue lately. I spotted this Daisy look-alike at a store and couldn't resist. Even New Daisy likes to give kisses!

And this is the time of year for muddy walks around the loop. Boy is so happy!

P.S. We got word this morning that Jon's Grandma Alys passed away. We are relieved she is free from pain. She was a wonderful women who had a very full and long life. She loved Jack very much. We will miss her.

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