Friday, March 7, 2014

LWJ Random Tidbits

I have a friend who always blogs random tidbits and I love them. Short, little glimpses into our happenings.

1) Spring Break, ya'll. I felt the weight of school slide off my shoulders the minute I escaped the city and headed north on I-15. I passed gorgeous landscapes, listened to all sorts of awesome radio stations, and took deep breaths... I made it. This semester has been hard. Spring break has always been in the back of my mind. It signals that the end of the semester is approaching. The time to take a few days and not read a single page of anything of academic importance.

2) Can I just take a minute and explain to you all the gloriousness that is Montana? The state is truly a hidden gem of our country. This place is magical. As the terrain changed and I felt the car ascending, I passed the "Welcome to Montana" sign and I felt "it". There are so many good quotes describing feelings for my home and I always think of Steinbeck's.

“I’m in love with Montana. For other states I have admiration, respect, recognition, even some affection. But with Montana it is love. And it’s difficult to analyze love when you’re in it.

filling up the car at the gas station. what a view. 

3. When I told Jack that he was going to school this morning, he squealed out in pure joy. And he continued to go back and forth between happy screams, giggling, squealing, and all the other happy sounds he makes. Boy LOVES going to school these days. 

4. I am home, which means I bake. On today's agenda is my most favorite chocolate chip cookies ever. I can't seem to deviate from the recipe, because I love it so much. It helps that I still have a couple bars of amazing chocolate to chop up and throw in that Jon got me for Christmas. 

5. Anyone else watch the Oscars? I am a huge fan of all things Oscar. I love making it a whole day affair by starting with the pre-red carpet and ending with the after parties. It's my kind of Superbowl. While I am at school I don't have TV, so I had to pirate my way through the internet til stumbling upon some live feed from a South American country. Best dressed? Jennifer Lawrence, Sandra Bullock, and Jennifer Garner. 

6. Oh. You come to this blog to read about Jack? How about this photo. 

is there anything better than a child falling to sleep while you hold them? 

7) Jack is rocking his communication system at school. I got to see it again in action today. His teachers have made large photos of around 10 of Jack's favorite school related items (his chair, toys, activities, etc.) and they are set up against the wall, at his eye level. When he wants/needs something, he has to go over to the card and point to it. He is doing great with this! The next step is making him pick out which things he wants from the card in a pile and then bring it over to a teacher. This will take some work. But you guys, he is actually looking at each card, finding what he wants. This is amazing, especially with his cortical visual impairment. I am so proud! 

8) As I was making Jack's lunch today, I realize it is time. He needs another intensive feeding program. I haven't had the chance to research yet, but he needs a program that specifically focuses on taking the step from purees to chewing solids. He needs lots of work on drinking (he occasionally takes a sip). The program will need to be hunger based, but sensory/behavioral as well. With insurance becoming more and more difficult, I am sure this will be all out of pocket, unless we can work some magic. So begins finding the best thing for him, the best timing for us, and making sure we can financially swing it. 

9) Also on the agenda (read: when the semester is over) is making Jack's little bedroom into a proper, big boy bedroom. It's time to say goodbye to the soft blue and cream pastels and I'm thinking brighter, primary colors. I have a few ideas, based off the Jack stool. (blog post coming next week with my inspiration board for his new room!)

10) At this very moment, I sit here on our comfy couch, typing away, and Jack is over playing a game on his iPad. I don't know how much more "normal" it gets for us, but this feels special because these days are rare. I love being home. 

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Jaimie said...

Yay for the communicating. We've been having major behavior stuff which I'm sure is because of the lack of communication.