Monday, March 24, 2014

Community At Your Fingertips

Yesterday our hometown newspaper ran a story about our little family.

Jon and I commented to each other that the article is such a true representation of things that we have said many times before about this preemie life. Things like it is hard. That we have our struggles. That there were a whole lot of things that doctors told us our boy would not be able to do. BUT LOOK AT HIM. And, the power of technology to share our story.

We love telling you about the miracle of Jack's life.

When he was born and I went to the internet, there was maybe one or two blogs about preemies and about one other message board where I could ask questions. That was it. It took me another year to even find a 23 weeker to compare notes on. So much has changed in the past five years, and that is a good thing. Nothing makes me happier than connecting with other parents and hearing about other preemies.

There is so much power, redemption and healing in telling the world your story and that is probably the biggest reason I write here on this little slice of the internet. I never knew what this blogging journey would become, but I approach each day with open arms to the possibilities.

“A lot of people like to talk about how the Internet takes up so much of our time and blah blah,” she said. “But for parents of kids with medical issues, it’s a lifesaver.”

It's funny how this quote ended up in the story because I have been contemplating something for the past couple of months. I think it's safe to say that I don't buy into the guilt-inducing dialogue that is oftentimes prevalent within mommy circles. In other words, can we just stop with the whole guilt trip related to the internet? The articles about putting your phone away?

No. Let's do something else.

Let's all take out our phones and continue to help one another through this difficult thing called preemie parenting. Share the articles. Write from your experience. Post on your page.

There is incredible community waiting at your fingertips.

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Unknown said...

I follow your blog all the way from Dubai and it gave me so much hope when my 26 weeker was born. She turns 2 on Sunday and I still follow Jacks journey. Thank you for sharing your story.

Jessi said...

And thank YOU for your comment! I love that distance doesn't matter when it comes to connecting with other preemie parents!

Anonymous said...

Our little man was born at 24 weeks. Just on Sunday we hit 24 weeks with our second pregnancy! We have found ourselves worrying every step of the way!! Yet, we are very thankful to have hit that milestone! Now hopefully we can make it to 37 weeks. Worrying all along the way!!!