Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Letter

From Jack's teacher:

"Hello there,

First off, your kiddo had an awesome day today. He was happy and animated and pretty much stayed that way all day."

Friends, I needed this first sentence. Our boy has been, for lack of a better word, a pill at school lately. He is learning about boundaries and following directions and not getting his way all the time. Right now, when he decides he is done, he is done. He is having episodes with lots of tears and he is so persistent. Such a strong-willed kid, ya'll.

"One thing we have started that I think is incredibly helpful is a picture communication system.  He shows us the picture of what he wants before he can get it.  He is very good with this and very direct.  Sometimes he points or pats the picture of what he wants.  When given two pictures he will turn over the picture of the toy/item he doesn't want.  We keep the pics over in his favorite spot (lovingly referred to as J...'s pad!) and they have been really helpful.  I think this would be great thing to do at home and have mentioned it to Jon."

Yes! Good job, buddy! I didn't know he was doing this. One of the hard things about being away is not being directly in the loop. There is only so much Jon can remember to tell me after a long day. I am so proud of my boy. A picture communication system is something we have been thinking about and trying in various ways for quite some time.

"We also  think he is saying his name.  He said it three times today and three different people heard it.  It was awesome!  He also stayed in the gym with us the whole recess time and laughed and walked around the other students.  He also seemed to be watching the balls roll, bounce etc.   It was just all in all a good day and especially great considering it was a Monday and cold on top of that!"

YOU GUYS. HE IS SAYING HIS NAME!! This is something he used to do. When Jack was 2, his vocabulary was much larger than it is now. Losing his words has been one of the most puzzling aspects of our little guy. We know he is not on the autism spectrum, so as with most things Jack, it is a mystery why this occurred. I pray all the time about my little guy's voice. I desperately want to hear it. But, he is saying his name.  YES AND AMEN.

"The cutest thing happened last week and of course nobody had their phone or ipad handy to get a pic - but it was time to go and he took the hand of one of the little girls and they walked out of preschool together.  I so wish we could have gotten a picture!"

Well that's just precious.

"I think that's it for now.  I hope school is going well and that you're staying warm and healthy."

Seriously. Best email of the month.
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Amy said...

OH that is the sweetest thing! JACK! And how cool of the teacher to keep you tied in...think that is very smart! think of you often and how you are very proud and impressed that you are taking this step! I know it's hard - but you have so many of us cheering you on! To use total slang...YOU GO GIRL!

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Jack!!! It's great to hear that he's saying his name. Woo-hoo! That email? A keeper, for sure!

Mrboosmum said...

Your post has cheered me up hugely on a stormy, soggy British evening. I'm so glad he's re-finding his voice. I also am desperate to hear Boo's.