Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Two Things

In the busyness of starting my new adventure last fall, there were a couple things I never got around to telling you all about, my dear blog friends. For instance, the time when Huffington Post approached me to become a contributor, right around the time of the start of school craziness. Now, before you get all excited, this wasn't contributing via a well-written blog post. No, that would be too good to be true. Instead, I was asked to participate in a form of torture by becoming an on-air contributor for their weekly parenting segment. Can you even imagine the awkwardness of myself on camera? A "parent expert" that would be called upon at a moments notice to weigh in on the week's hot news parenting topics? Ok, first, I would have had to do this via a Skype type apparatus with funny headphones and a microphone and I'm pretty sure there would be some sort of technical catastrophe every single time upon use. Second, viewers would actually get a glimpse of me in these funny headphones and also, of my drab office space (vain, I know). Third, you would ACTUALLY HEAR MY VOICE. Fourth, most parenting topics make me roll my eyes and finally, well, ... just... no. Needless to say, I declined. Ain't nobody go time for that! I'm pretty sure being a contributor would go down on a list of things most likely to give me a heart attack and continued night sweats. I already have enough nervous energy and brain space reserved for other worries.

Also, there was this time where in a private conservation about something totally off topic, I mentioned to a school cohort that I was a blogger. This conservation naturally progressed into what kind of blogger and now, I am forever known in my department as the "mommy blogger". I guess there are worse things to be known as, but instead of introducing me to groups of people as a PhD student in political science, studying American Politics, in particular Western and rural U.S. politics, I was now dubbed as "mommy blogger." So much for separating personal life from academia, but that's what blogging gets ya!

That's all. It felt good to get that off my chest.
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