Monday, January 6, 2014

The Totally Not Perfect Break

You guys, I am back at school (cue loud sobbing and wailing). Back from 14 days at home. I dream and put a whole lot of expectation on my breaks at home and wouldn't ya know it, things didn't turn out as perfect as I'd like. I got a nasty cold/flu something or other (my theory is that the last few weeks of class stressed me out to the point of utter exhaustion and I caught something nasty). Feeling ill put me out of commission for the whole first week. I pretty much laid on the couch and Jon took care of me while I snuck in copious amounts of cuddle time with Jack (that part wasn't so bad). And wouldn't you know it, but Jon and Jack stayed healthy. I guess that was our Christmas miracle!

I got back to Utah last night and I had some time to look through photos of our Christmas. Full recap coming later this week, but I was struck by something as is oft to occur. Even though my break at home was not perfect, there are some memories that will stay with me forever. Some things I will cherish forever and ever, amen.

These two pictures for example.

1) love love love love
2) love
3) Jack looks so grown up
4) Jack's hair will forever be crazay. That's just the way it is.

I cannot believe that beautiful boy is mine. I wish you could experience the joy this kid exudes and his pretty much perfect kid laugh. I can hear that laugh right now. That joyful sound spurs me to work hard and focus while I am away. Our little family has lots of dreams and things we want to accomplish, but most of all? We want to hear that laugh. That laugh means my boy is feeling good. It means he is healthy. It's all we want and have wanted since the NICU.

Thank you, God, for that laugh.

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