Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The BIG Holiday Recap

 Jon is going to kill me for posting this family pic, but it's just the best. Self-timer, pjs (Jon's super awesome new acid wash pjs), cute and smiley Jack. Love.

Ahh, Christmas morning.

 You guys, Jack does not love new toys initially. So, he got another big remote. Now one to keep upstairs, one to keep downstairs. Huge hit on Christmas morning.

And always, something Superman for our Super Jack.

We took it easy on Christmas day, but decided to venture out the day after. Jack looked particularly dapper and festive for our visit to the coffee shop. 

Always playing with the hair.

And then I die.

If you read on Monday, you will remember that I was not feeling well. That called for homemade chicken noodle soup. Yes and amen.

He also made some pappardelle for a delicious Bolognese. Yum.

Remember when I told you about Jack's love of his cell phone at school? Grams and Cheeks got him one for home.
Always texting.

Towards the end of my break, Grams and Cheeks came for our Christmas celebration.

Jack loves waiting by the window to see the car pull into the driveway.

More new toys!

Christmas 2013.

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Ashley said...

Love it and love that your husby cooked chicken noodle soup, complete with fresh noodles. That's commitment, friend. Bea also plays with my hair. It's a habit she picked up in the NICU and still does to this day when she's tired or upset, or just needs mama time.

Julie said...

Love all of the pictures! And your mama looks so pretty in her new sweater!