Thursday, January 2, 2014

My Resolution

My single and solitary resolution for the New Year is to blog more. I really, really missed it these past few months. The whirlwind of my new adventure, coupled with an intense amount of academic writing kinda took the steam out of the blogging express. Now that I have the swing of school under my belt, I feel much more ready and excited to write about Jack and his adventures. And about his cuteness.

I wanted to ask - have you noticed the shift? The move I've made?  From writing about the preemie life to writing mostly about the special needs life? Friends, there was a time when I couldn't even say the SN words out loud. Whether it was denial or shock or sadness, I couldn't do it. I remember the first time I typed them. And now I see others struggle with it, too. I want you to know that I don't care so much about the label anymore. That's just what happens when you are almost five years into this whole thing. It is what it is. So I write about it. If anything, it helps to identify with others who get it.

Life can feel isolating and whether you come here to read about preemies, special needs, or just being a mom, I will continue to simply write about my boy (who, by the way, just got up on the couch and gave me the sweetest kiss). Jack continues to amaze us with his sweetness and his willpower. This kid knows what he wants and even if he can't tell us with words, he sure shows us. In 2013 I made goals for Jack and he did well with some and a few he is still working on. Such is the life. It has always been this way, when I think about it. Jack is on his own schedule, has his own agenda, and will do things when the time comes that is right for him. Talk about a lesson in patience!

Jack continues to show me the most profound life lessons in the most simplest form. What a blessing he is.

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Leslie Hennigar said...

I love that picture! So happy for you, love reading your posts! Take care! Leslie-mommy to Christopher my 31 1/2 weeker who turns 3 next month and nervously awaiting baby #2, due in July!

Mr and Mrs Hasler said...

My resolution would be to try and read your blog more! You helped us tremendously through Felix's first year and I still love reading all about Jack. I didn't continue Felix's blog due to work and study commitments, but often wish I had. Jack is blessed in so many ways, but mainly for having such caring and compassionate parents.
Keep up your inspiring work. Every post will help some parent, somewhere get through a troubling time.
Rob x

Jessi said...

Thanks Leslie!
And Rob - I miss your writing so much, but I understand. Thanks for the encouragement!

Leslie Hennigar said...

Although for some of us due dates mean nothing!!!

Laura Martin said...

Thrilled to find your blog. Our twin boys were born at 24 weeks in October 2009. Campbell blessed our lives for 23 days and Joseph spent 228 days in the NICU. I look forward to following your journey.


Mrboosmum said...

Jessi, I'm so pleased you feel able to blog more now for your sake and, selfishly, for my own. I miss Life with Jack, which has been such a lifeline this past 20 months. Funnily, someone asked me a few weeks ago if I saw Premmeditations as a premmie or SN blog. I couldn't think of any reply but it's my blog about our life which is shape indelibly by prematurity and cerebral palsy and a whole bunch of other things too. That's the way it is. It's lovely to have connected with others who get that.

Laura Maikata said...

Oh, gosh, so did you read my blog post a few weeks ago? Because you just summarized it, in part -- my struggle with when to let go of the "preemie" name, my struggle with how to put on the "special needs" label, etc...

... AND THEN the realization that my HUSBAND wore the "special needs" label his whole life and yet didn't let it define himself. That we have that choice. That the label is important for getting all the care we need, but that it isn't US. It's a part of my son and my husband's life, but they're just THEM.

I'm so glad you're further in the journey and can help us other parents "get" this.

And I'm glad you're back to blogging, too.

(This post:

Jessi said...

Read it, loved it!

Jessi said...

Thanks for reading! Love hearing from you.

Jessi said...

Yes, exactly!