Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Our Little Day of Thanks

Oh Thanksgiving. I was so looking forward to you. I arrived home on Wednesday afternoon to hugs and kisses from Jack at the airport. He also gave me a sweet little rose and promptly wanted to get out of the darned airport as fast as he arrived. (Jack doesn't know this yet, but he is actually taking his first plane ride in two weeks to come visit mommy and to attend his Auntie Em's wedding! Daddy is a very brave soul to take Jack on a flight all by himself. Prayers appreciated.)

Back to Thanksgiving. The morning was a stark reminder that Mr. Jackpants Bennion is just not into this whole sleeping thing. He is on the strict wake up multiple times a night schedule, demanding someone be with him (sleep next to him in his tiny bed), and then up and at em' at 4:30am. Needless to say, Jon is very exhausted of this routine. 

But he still managed to work his magic in our teeny tiny kitchen. 

Cheeks was there! Jack was happy.

Tired parents. Mama just happy to be home.

This boy. Despite the crazy sleep schedule he manages to have the most joyful little personality.

Did I mention how beautiful my boy is? I probably kissed those cheeks a thousand times while I was home.

The airport rose.

Is there anything more attractive than someone buttering already buttery roles? I think not.

My mama and I.

Thanksgiving for us means lots of food, Macy's parade, the National Dog Show, and then football on the TV. Jack is stuck with the iPad.

Oh the concentration.

A funny thing lately is that whenever Jack notices me taking a photo of him, he can't contain his excitement and instead of sitting still and smiling for me, he comes right at me. This means I have a lot of blurry, Jack rushing at the camera photos. All the pics from this trip are either of Jack concentrating on toys or his iPad or rushing towards me. This is right when he realized I was taking his photo. Cracks me up!

I am back at school now. The break was way too short. I am on my last two weeks of crazy - finishing up research projects, papers, finals, and the like. I see a light at the end of the tunnel. I can't wait for the moment when I pick my boys up at the airport.

Bye now.

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Marianne said...

Sounds like a great Thanksgiving! Hang in there!