Friday, November 15, 2013

Jack Approved and Disapproved

Part of our new series to give you a little glimpse into Jack's world. The fun thing? It's from daddy's perspective. So many people ask us about Jack. How's he doing? What is he like? Maybe you've wondered if Jack is like your preemie? Without further ado, from Jon:



Not many people may know what this is. I don’t even know where it originates other than my mom and dad. All I know is that when I ask Jack whether he wants to do “trit-trot,” he stops whatever he’s doing and lets out an ear-piercing squeal of approval. It entails him getting on my knee and riding it like a horse with a particular nursery rhyme. The knee goes up and down at various speeds and force, followed by (my own addition) getting gently bucked off and tickled on the ground.


When Jack is somewhere new to him, chances are he will spend less than a minute there before he gets up, turns around, and tries to find the way out. He has done this at school, friends’ houses, therapy, and many other places.


Jack spends a lot of time at home. It’s mostly where he wants to be. But every now and then, he just needs to get out. He doesn’t necessarily need to have a destination - the most fun is just getting there in a nice car ride.



One new disdain of Jack’s is coming to a stop while traveling in the car. Whether it’s a stop sign, stop light or road construction, Jack is not happy to come to a halt.

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