Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Our Super Kid

Yesterday I did something I swore I'd never do as a mom. I walked into one of those creepy Halloween rip-you-off stores and bought Jack an insanely overpriced costume.

You know the kind of store, right? They pop up a couple months before Halloween and proceed to make a bazillion dollars off of suckers and procrastinators who wait till the last minute to get or make their child a costume. Now, we all know there is a perfectly fine costume probably sitting in a closet somewhere or something that could cleverly be made up on the fly, but my brain power this year seems to be lacking, so I found myself walking into the store.

On top of already feeling guilty for being in the store, I was thinking of last year's costume, which pretty much can't ever, ever be beat (please, please, please click on that link). Heck, we didn't even go with a Jack-theme this year, which only compounds my feelings of failure this morning. But I left the store with as predictable a costume as ever.

Jack is having a class party as I type this and I'm sure he doesn't notice or care much either way. He is just excited to be at school.

People who have read this blog from the beginning can probably guess what costume I went with. A no brainer, really. A reoccurring theme that rallied us through some pretty dark days.

It all started when Jon brought in a Superman cape from back in the day that he received when he got his tonsils out as a child. We used it as a blanket. I stared at my boy and that blanket for hours and hours. Super Jack, as he was known in the NICU, proved over and over again just how much he was going to fight. His chances of survival were slim to none, but his will to live proved too strong.

And then, one day, our little SuperJack grew into this kid.

So I guess it's a pretty OK costume.

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Maikata NaJonathan said...

Omg. I echo your guilt doubly. First, JAM was a Jedi knight in the NICU (NOT a predictable first Halloween costume - even if it was store bought it was store bought at Build a Bear workshop...) But ALSO this year I totally sold out at one of those ridiculous stores...

... and also bought a superman outfit.

(Sigh.) I figured he is still pre-toddler so most made-out-of-a-box outfits would be uncomfortable for him. And I have no more creativity than that.

You're allowed. I never made costumes for my kids while in grad school.

Jessi said...

Yes! Glad to hear I'm not alone :)

Tatum said...

Super Jack! Total fit's the theme if you ask me. I love it!