Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Jack Approved (and Disapproved)

Part of our new series to give you a little glimpse into Jack's world. The fun thing? It's from daddy's perspective. So many people ask us about Jack. How's he doing? What is he like? Maybe you've wondered if Jack is like your preemie? Without further ado, from Jon:



You could be a complete stranger to Jack, but he’ll still approach you, grab your hand, and then place it directly in his armpit. Most of us shake hands to greet, but that’s not Jack’s way. He doesn’t know you until you’ve tickled him. A close second to the armpit is under his feet. A day without tickles for Jack is just a day not worth living. I dare say this may be his favorite thing in the whole world.


We live in a beautiful place. I’m sure Jack doesn’t fully appreciate that aspect, but he does enjoy walks (stroller for him) around our picturesque neighborhood. Winters are hard just because the cold doesn’t dampen his demands for a walk, but it does make it difficult with three inches of ice and snowdrifts.


We knew the brain bleeds Jack had in the NICU could affect a lot of things, including eyesight. It wasn’t until he was almost two when we started to appreciate how they had an impact. Around that time, he was diagnosed with cortical vision blindness. Not a typical blindness we all think of, but an impairment that gets in the way of the brain appropriately processing what Jack’s eyes behold. I still don’t think I understand it fully. What we do know is that Jack is drawn to movement as a result of this. Ceiling fans are about the greatest thing in the world. The movies he watches are full of movement. If something isn’t moving, he moves it by flipping it around multiple times. It’s his way to process things and remember.


New Things

Kids like routine and Jack is no different. Put in a new DVD – won’t like it. New toys at Christmas – forget about it. Give him something new to taste – he’d rather starve. My guess is most kids have these tendencies. They are just amplified in Jack x10. We know that in order for him to pay attention to a new movie, it may take him 30 times or more of just having it play in the background. To gain interest in a new toy, it may take six months of watching Jessi or I try to play with it. The boy likes his regulars.

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