Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Dreaming of Saturday

Today, right now, marks the longest amount of time that I've ever been away from Jack. And I won't see him til Saturday morning when he wakes up. I have to resist each and every time I arrive home late on a Friday night to not run right into his room and wake him up. In fact, I often secretly hope he wakes up in the middle of the night and needs some cuddles just so I be with him that much quicker.

I get through my busy school days with super cute pictures being sent my way.

And I die.

Then Jon taunts me by sending pictures of all the amazing things he is making to eat. Cause we all know I am living off granola bars and coffee.
I love getting these photos throughout my day. I love the photos of Handsome Jack right before he heads off to school. I love the photos of what Jon is making for dinner. It reminds me that life is not about school nerves or what I am studying. It's the perspective and normalcy that I crave and the pictures remind me that life will once again feel normal, but for now, I have a job to do.  
Even Grams and Cheeks send me pictures and I love the ones of Jack passed out on the couch, wrapped in the Superman blanket.
Well, off I go to my busy Tuesday of classes. Another Tuesday down, as Jon would say. I will be thinking of what Jack is up to (right now, speech therapy) throughout this whole day. It's just what moms do. And I will dream of Saturday morning when I am home and I can see my sweet boy's face.

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Marianne said...

That must be so hard...hope Saturday comes quickly!