Thursday, September 19, 2013

Jack Approved (and Disapproved)

Part of our new series to give you a little glimpse into Jack's world. The fun thing? It's from daddy's perspective. So many people ask us about Jack. How he's doing? What is he like? Maybe you've wondered if Jack is like your preemie? Without further ado, from Jon:



Jack got is first “taste” of caffeine back in the NICU, which was used as a medication to help him remember to breath. When he was two and going through feeding therapy in Seattle, he lunged one morning to taste our coffee. It was like a drug relapse. Ever since then he is drawn to the hot drinks mommy and daddy order that also help them remember to breath.


Who lets there kids jump on the bed? We do. After graduating from his baby jumper when he was two, he soon realized our big king bed served as a perfect replacement. Jack is such a morning person for this reason – as soon as he wakes up, he starts his day off right with a good bounce bounce bounce. Maybe I should try that.


Jack typing with daddy's boss

Since Jessi and I are often on our laptops, Jack has grown an interest in what we are doing. The clicking sounds that come with each tap of a key must be mesmerizing to him. It’s not always helpful when I’m trying to work a bit from home, so we recently busted out one of our old laptops where he can type to his heart’s content. It was like Christmas morning.



he curls those toes right up

Want to see Jack squirm, squeal and act like he is stepping on nails? Put him in grass. Perhaps it’s a sensory thing, but you may as well ask him to walk over hot coals. We hope this is something he grows out of since we all like being outside.

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amy said...

Sweet boy - Ryan has a fancy for all hot coffee's and he will suck down my diet dr pepper in a nano-second. Swear it's due to the caffeine in the NICU too! And tell him I HATE the FEELING OF GRASS too!!!! Makes my skin crawl!!!!! Always have - I hope he does better than I did growing out of it - doubt a almost 44 i'm going to change! :-)

Maikata NaJonathan said...

I allowed myself to drink a coffee or two a day while nursing when my son was in the NICU. I knew that they'd given him caffeine for breathing, but hadn't realized that he was still on it/back on it until this conversation:

Nurse: Since we weaned him off of the lasix, he's only on the antibiotic now.
Me: Oh, good!
Nurse: Oh, and caffeine.
Me: (blink. blink.) How'd you KNOW!?!
Nurse: Huh?
Me: OH, you mean in his IV! I thought you meant in my breast milk...

I felt a little guilty about it, but honestly, caffeine for me had the same effect it did on my son. It reminded me to breath.

And when you're a NICU parent, breathing is so important.