Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mom Goes To School: I Can Do This

Things have gotten very still and quiet this past week. I have been rendered useless. I don't want to do anything but just be HERE.

With my boy. With Jon.

Time ticks by, simultaneously fast and slow.

I breath in the crisp mountain air. I revel in the beauty. The way the light trickles in the morning, all sparkly through the pine trees. The way the sun sets in it's golden glory. Is this place heaven? It sure feels like it.

There's something about starting a new adventure that brings up every single doubt and insecurity. Then I read something or hear encouraging words from someone and I know this is the right thing. I can do this. Even though I am scared. Even though I worry about failure. Or loneliness. Or about my boy.

I can do this.


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Tatum said...

I loved this, Jessi. And, yes, you can do it. When you're Professor Jessi, I want to crash one of your classes!

Ashley Martin said...

I can do this...the mantra of anyone with a dream. So glad that you're choosing to pursue yours. Everyone should have such courage - I admire you so much for going for it. Can't wait to see where this new journey takes you! Just one more of many reasons Jack has to be proud of his mama!

Brandi Powell said...

Yes YOU CAN!!! :)