Thursday, August 1, 2013


This is one happy little boy. 

Being at Grams and Cheeks house with their ever available swing is pretty much perfect in his book. 

Jack got a whole two weeks of swinging to his hearts content.

He also got time with some special visitors - Uncle Bryce and Auntie Kay. They live in China and they usually come for a summer visit. In fact, their wedding coincided with Jack's NICU stay and he was about the cutest ring bearer there ever was.

summer 2009

Anyway, some pics from their visit:

Can you spot the Happy Birthday banner?

And don't you wish you had this sweet patio and hammock?

We had a yummy birthday dinner with good family friends.

Happy Birthday, Uncle Dice! (Jack called Bryce "dice" for the longest time)

And then everyone came to our house this past weekend.

Auntie Kay.

Jack loves a good snuggle with Auntie Kay.

And he then falls fast asleep.

We sure enjoyed our time together this weekend.


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