Monday, July 15, 2013

Mom Goes To School: Political Science?

"Which party do you support?" "When are you going to run for office?" These are the questions that students often hear after announcing that they are taking courses in Political Science. Although many political scientists are avid partisans, and some political scientists have even run for office or have advised elected officials, for the most part this is not the focus of modern political science. Instead, political science is about the scientific study of political phenomena.

And with that first, excellent paragraph, I delved into the doctoral text book that arrived on my doorstep. It explains so well the question that I get asked most often (and have gotten asked since my undergraduate years).

Why political science? And what can you do with a political science PhD?

My plan upon finishing my dissertation is teaching at the collegiate level somewhere in Montana. But first I have to get through 1) coursework, 2) exams: written and oral, then 3) my dissertation... taking 3-4 years to complete all these steps.

So yeah, nervous/excited/scared.

One more thing. I FINALLY got word on my Utah apartment. I have a place. My nightmare of having to live out of my car or in some random hotel is no more.

I'm enjoying these last weeks of freedom before I begin.
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