Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Jack's Five

Today is Jack's third very important appointment (out of 5) for the summer. Anyone else try to schedule a bunch of things into a two month period? Am I crazy?


Jack's (important) Five

... not including his normal therapy schedule

-neurosurgery (new doc)
-general pediatric checkup (also known as the "well-child" visit)
-physical therapy fitting for new braces
-orthopedic surgeon (new doc, new specialty added to the team!)

I kept things purposefully to five this summer. There are a few other docs that I wish we had time to see, but I just had to prioritize this summer. That means we are not meeting with GI or Pulmonary or Feeding or Neurology this summer (I know some of you just gasped at that sentence, but we had to cut it off somewhere!). We will get to the others when we can.

Because of the rural nature of our state, we travel for most of these appointments. Every year around this time I start to feel the fatigue of our crazy summer schedule. I start to get a bit grumpy. But I know that it's worth it to make our fall that much more relaxed and to especially allow Jack time to get into his groove with school. Plus, good summer weather means good traveling weather.... cause ya know, it could snow in September where we live!

at the dreaded dentist

Over the past year, I've noticed that I blog less and less about the medical side of things. I used to have exhaustive posts on each and every medical detail about Jack. If you want, you can look through the archives. Or check out the nifty subjects on the left, where things are broken down by category. I wrote extensively about all sorts of preemie stuff - coming home from the NICU, feeding issues, tube weaning, shunts, lungs, RSV, therapy, therapy, THERAPY - I wrote and wrote and wrote some more. But this past year, my heart and my writing has turned a bit inward. Maybe more so on my journey into special needs acceptance and not as much nitty gritty detail.

It's not that these details aren't important or that they consume less of our time. I think I've just (finally) gotten used to it. I no longer spend inordinate amounts of time trying to ascertain just what in the heck is going on with our boy (trust me, I remember those days of scouring Google, trying to find something, ANYTHING to help us). Now it's totally our normal to go to lots of appointments. Jack's medical conditions are second nature. We can't force him/will him/change him. The medical stuff is there and we deal with it. Does it still totally and completely suck sometimes? Yes. But we are used to it. We have a rhythm. We are not blindsided anymore. And because I don't focus so much brain power on the medical, I have more space to just focus on HIM.

Gosh, I love this boy.

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Stacie said...

We had the same big five this summer, only we added an ophthalmologist appointment because one of my guys keeps taking his glasses off and leaving them places (not his norm). I counted everything up, including therapy sessions, and we had 34 appointments crammed into only 54 days (not including weekends) of my summer "vacation." It was insane and not something I want to do next summer.

So much for a restful summer, right? All the best to you guys.

Stacie said...

Oh, and we didn't do neurology either! Actually, we were due for our neurologist appointment in late February. I should probably get on to that someday soon. Sigh.

Jessi said...

Stacie, I love hearing that we are not alone in this!!