Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Jack Goes To His Family Reunion: Part 1

We arrived in Billings at sunset with the cutest chalk drawing covering the whole driveway as our greeting. We each had our name (all 30 or so of us) with a cute, personalized drawing. 

Jack and Daisy. 

Jack was feeling a little overwhelmed with his huge crowd of cousins, so we got in the wagon for a little ride.

Daisy was already having the time of her life. She loves kids. She had a burst of energy and ran (was chased?) around following all the commotion.

Aah. That sunset.

All of Jack's cousins are so sweet and nice to him. I'm pretty sure Tyler is saying "are you having fun, Jack?" What a great group of kids.

Sam's turn!

As the sun drifted down, we settled in for a great night's sleep. I'm serious. Jack slept so good on this trip. Must have been all the energy and fun things going on.

The 4th we woke up to brilliant and HOT weather.


Thanks, Grams, for our cute outfits!

We moved out back mid-day to enjoy some shade.

Jack just wanted to get into Nans fun cottage full of treasures.

This kid. He looked so grown up with his spiffy new haircut from daddy.


When it got too hot the kids spent time watching movies. Jack was in heaven.

And Jack's great-grandma was there.


We'd often find Jack exploring the house, finding all the fans. Anyone else's kid do this?

After a delicious dinner of pulled pork and all the fixins, we went outside to wait for the fireworks.

And another wagon ride or two.

And a ride on the horse.

By this time, Jack started to get real sleepy. We laid out a blanket.

And he fell fast asleep.

This next picture may just be my favorite of Jon (and Liz) and I.


Gorgeous night celebrating the 4th.

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Tatum said...

Those shorts! Adorable. I love the picture in the shade where the woman is holding Jack's foot...such a simple show of affection. Beautiful pictures, Jessi.

BTW - Owen has those turtle PJ's!