Thursday, June 6, 2013

School, We Will Miss You

I cannot believe Jack's first year of school has come and gone. And what a year it has been! The strides Jack has made because of his amazing teachers have been invaluable. And the friendships and social skills he's developed with his classmates, too. Yep, these are the reasons why I'm a big advocate for preschool for kids like Jack.

On the last day of school, they had a little party to say goodbye to the kids moving on to kindergarten. A little graduation ceremony. The cuteness, as you can imagine, was through the roof.

Jack was prepared for watching the graduation ceremony with his trusty music toy and his old cell phone.

Jack's teacher introduced each child in the class, telling us all how well they did this past year and paying special attention to those moving on to Kindergarten.

Jack with his speech therapist and main teacher. These women are amazing and dedicate their lives to my boy. How can we possibly thank them enough?!

And of course they had a bouncy house to celebrate!

Jack wasn't really into it, but we try!

Jack showed us his typing skills (new favorite thing to do).

And even got his favorite snack.

What a great year. I am so thankful for our boy's amazing team of teachers and therapists. And good job, buddy! We are so proud of you.

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Tatum said...

Congrats, Jack! That looks like a pretty fancy school you have...a bounce house! Very cool!

Matt Voges said...

When i was ten jumping house was my dream. Most of weekend i passed my time in a inflatable jump house. Now i am 20, at that time i have same feelings about jump house.