Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pretty Much Perfect Day

Father's Day was pretty much perfect. We had beautiful weather, amazing bbq, and my dad (Cheeks) was here. 

we don't look alike at all

Jack was in heaven.

Jon spent a lot of time in the kitchen prepping and then finishing off the glorious ribs on the grill for our lunch. I halfway joked that my present to him was not going near the kitchen. Everyone thanked me.

All my favorite boys (plus Daisy Sue).

Jon is such a great dad. I couldn't have gotten a better partner in this whole parenting journey.

All the men in my life are wise, hard workers, and very caring.

Jack is really into opening and shutting each and every door. Over and over and over again. Cheeks was, as always, more than willing to play with Jackpants for hours and hours. We are very blessed, I tell ya!

Happy Father's Day!

LOVE (farmers tan and all)

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Anita Ramirez said...

perfect family;)

Jessi said...

Oh gosh. I hope you are being tongue and cheek, cause heavens knows we are not perfect! BUT, I will say this - ever since having Jack, being in the hospital, etc., we know how to cherish our days together.

Anita Ramirez said...

Jessi reading your blog about Jack pants gives me so much hope for my baby boy who was born at 26 weeks a week later found out he h had a grade 4 brian bleed. I tell you after having my son made me cherish life more as well I could never imagine life without him. Thank you so much for sharing your story and all your pictures god bless;)

Jessi said...

Thanks Anita <3

I love hearing your story and about your boy.

Kelli Johanesen said...

Wow, Jack is getting tall! What a big guy. That looks like a perfect way to spend Father's Day. Those ribs look really good. :D