Friday, June 21, 2013

Mom Goes To School

I've had this internal dialogue ever since I decided to make the leap into school. What to do with this space, with the blog? Now that it's grown so much, do I just let it be? Do I only write about Jack occasionally, here and there, but mostly leave the blog silent during this next school year? Or should I do what my gut is telling me?

Well, because I know myself, and I know I need to write, I am starting a new feature here on Life with Jack:

Mom Goes To School

The place where I'll write about all things in my adventure as a non-traditional student. Remember the super attentive, annoying, older-ish student who always asked/answered questions, sat in the front row, and became teacher's pet? The one called a "non-trad"? Yeah, I'm gonna be that person. I'm the one going back to school after an 8 year hiatus, super eager to prove myself.

Whenever I write about my school journey, you will see Mom Goes To School in the title. That way, you can decide if you'd like to follow along on my adventure... or just skip it and wait for a cute Jack anecdote. Trust me, I completely understand if you come to this space to learn about prematurity and our life with a former micro preemie who is beating the odds. Seriously, friends, Jack is doing GREAT! It's OK with me if you only want to read about that.

But for those that want to come along with me, I welcome you with loving arms. Hold me, actually. Yesterday marked exactly two months (to the very day!) that I start my PhD program. I have two months to tie up all my loose ends, make sure my move down to Utah goes smoothly, and try to cram in some refreshers in my field. I need some serious reading time. I need to see where the current research is. And I need to remember how to write... in a non "bloggy" sort of way. Mmmk?

Last week I officially registered for classes. It was a very exciting day.

Nerd alert! My fall courses:

Quantitative Analysis
Approaches to the Study of Politics
American Political Behavior
Seminar in Public Administration

One last thing - THANK YOU for all your lovely well-wishes, congratulatory messages, and the encouragement you left on the blog and on Facebook. It meant so much to read through all the love. I was kind of scared to let you know. I don't know why, but I was. It means more than you know to have this cheering squad.  

new necklace from a friend. Lotus Flower, which means "new beginnings" 

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heather lesoine said...

Best of luck! I have a feeling you will do great! I was 1/2 through a doctoral program when my Jack was born. Some day...

Tettelestai said...

I am working through my pre-biblical counseling courses and it can get a bit hairy while studying and juggling kiddos. I wish you the best and that your balance is complete with your family priorities.