Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Lake Day 2013

Lake Day 2013: Turquoise blue water. Sun drenched, rocky beach. Sky with fluffy clouds. Happy little family. 

This man-made reservoir is a popular summer destination for our town. About a 30 minute drive from our home, this area holds lots of fun memories for us. We took Daisy here as a puppy and have returned many times to let her swim.

This was Jack's first trip to this particular lake. He stuck mostly to his towel and spent lots of time playing in the rocks and reading his bag of books.

The water is still freezing cold, but we decided to get our lake day in because Daisy still has enough energy to swim. We don't know how much longer she will feel up to it, but for this hour or so, our sweet girl was her normal and happy energetic self.

The water was so sparkly. So blue.

We taught Jack the finer lessons of playing fetch with Daisy.

He wasn't too impressed.

These next two pictures go down as some of my absolute favorite.

Then I set up the self timer and tried to get a family shot.

Ha! At least the crazy beautiful, intense blue water is in focus!

We dipped Jack's feet into the water.

Sooo cold.

Daisy was in heaven.

Second self-timer, group shot.


And another one!

I posted this next one on FB last night. I just love it so much. For those who have little ones who rarely look and smile at the camera, it means the world to capture the moment.


Crossing this off the summer bucket list was bittersweet. This will probably be Daisy's last lake day. Such great memories through the years of her at the lake.

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Leslie Hennigar said...

Beautiful pictures and a beautiful family! Lots of luck with your new adventure!