Monday, June 24, 2013

Freezing Time

Last week I pulled out my little notebook and pen while Jon was making dinner. It was summer bucket list time. We had been talking about how we have just two months before my big adventure starts. I want to take hold of this summer. I want to grab it by the reigns. I also want to sit in the quiet. Cherish the warmth (literally) with my precious Jackpants wrapped in my arms.

So we wrote our list over the sizzling sounds of food on the stove. It felt good.

This morning I had the sudden desire to get all my photographs in order. This is a never ending project for a photographer. I take too many photos. I can barely delete. There is something so wrong about "delete".

We have our computers. An external hard drive. I have my photography website. I have Facebook. I have this blog. That's like 6 different places to save all my photographs (you can never have too much back up!). I realized today that I haven't uploaded any of my personal photos to Facebook albums in quite some time. It made me all nervous to think what if something happened to my photos and FB was all I had? So that's on the list for today.

lists, lists, lists

I figure I'm desperately trying to control all this easy stuff because there are really big changes ahead.

... Can I get an amen?

Yesterday we crossed off a bucket list item. Take Jack and Daisy to the lake.

A much larger post about lake day is coming soon (cause, ya know, today is get-photographs-in-order-day). But let me say it was a beautiful, got a bit too much sun (but who cares), day.

I love this photo. I want to freeze this moment. Freeze time. Maybe my obsession with photos is just that. Freezing the moments that mean so much to me. Freezing the next two months that will hopefully be filled with bucket list goodness.

Right now Jack is drifting off to sleep, laying on the couch right next to me. I love this moment. Can I freeze it?

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Anonymous said...

I feel this way today. Our next "adventure" isn't nearly as awesome as yours. We start out with our EI evaluator tomorrow. We don't know yet what this new chapter full of therapy and dealing with delays holds. But today we can just snuggle. That picture is just gorgeous!

Jessi said...

Thank you! I remember meeting with our EI evaluator for the first time. It's was a new thing in a lineup of new, upon new, upon new. I remember when Jack was teeny tiny, right home from the hospital, and just holding him on my chest. I made myself memorize exactly how that felt. How tiny he was. I knew time would fly by. And it has.